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In 2018, Piping Live! provided 12,840 minutes of free entertainment!
That’s a whopping 213 hours and 71% of the festival’s overall programming.
In order to continue to provide this amazing amount of free access to Scotland’s and the World’s best traditional music, we need your help. Every pound you donate will go towards keeping as much of our programming open and accessible for all, whatever your age, stage or interest.

We want to keep as much of Piping Live! as possible free for you. If you enjoy the festival, please contribute.

Gies a quid… Fling us a fiver… Tap us a tenner… or feeling even more Generous?!

You can also donate by Text Message!
Send BAGPIPES (chosen donation amount) to 70085
e.g. BAGPIPES 10 to 70085 to donate £10.
This is up to a maximum of £20.
UK mobiles only