Piping Live! Big Band – Back for 2017!

Join us again in 2017 as we make the Piping Live! Big Band even bigger and better! 

We want to celebrate Piping Live! with a massed band of all the pipers and drummers that are here in Glasgow that will also support a fantastic charity – Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity (formerly Yorkhill).

The parade will take place on Monday 7th August. Whether you are in a band of not, come and join the Piping Live! big band, for your chance to take part in the festival. Joining the band will be top pipers and drummers from across the globe, and you could be part of it too!

Through this scheme we are supporting Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity. The Glasgow International Piping Festival has been supported by the people of this great city for so many years that this year, we wanted to give back to the city, through one of its most well-loved charities.

So we are looking for pipers – chanters too – drummers and drum majors to join us. So register today to be part of something special at Piping Live! 2017.