Time to Tart-an Up Your Beard with our Bonnie Beard Booth!









This year, we are offering to tart-an up your beards at this year’s event with the introduction of the world’s first Bonnie Beard Booth! The Bonnie Beard Booth will open at George Square 12noon- 3pm on Thursday 10th August at Glasgow’s George Square. Ladies, don’t feel left out, this can be done on your fringe or long hair too.

We want you to grow your facial fuzz to take full advantage of the booth when it pops up in George Square. The booth will be run by beard experts, Braw Beard Oils who will allow bearded gents to choose from a variety of tartans and styles, making it the ultimate accessory for all Piping Live! events.

Roddy MacLeod, Festival Director of Piping Live! said: “Bagpipes and tartan are two important symbols of Scottish heritage and culture that continue to evolve through the talents of emerging musicians and designers and we’ve celebrated both at Piping Live! for fourteen years now. We’re delighted to add the Bonnie Beard booth to this year’s festival, where bearded pipers and kilties can take their image to the next level! There’s just four weeks to go until thousands of visitors and musicians arrive from all over the world for this year’s event – so now’s the time to ditch the razors and let’s fill the city with tartan beards!”

Beard care expert and Braw Beard Oil founder, John Jackson said: “Men around the world are embracing their facial hair – there’s been plenty of variations from glitter beards to bauble beards – and this is another great example of how you can have some fun with it. For one day only, we’re going to blow piping fans and grooming enthusiasts away with some truly special facial patterns.”

Keep Piping Live! And Braw Beard Oil updated with your beard growth progress on Twitter using #bonniebeard. All appointments are free and first come, first served, so get there quick!