Book Launches at Piping Live! 2018

Hear from top players and pick up a new collection at this year’s festival!
We’re delighted to be hosting a number of book launches at this year’s festival! These events give you the chance to hear performances from top players; ask questions of the tunesmiths; and pick up a copy of the latest collections so you can expand your own repertoire.

The South West Scotland Collection
Monday 13th August at the Street Cafe
A collection of over 300 tunes with historical notes and folklore with each tune, these books are the regeneration of a lost tradition, heritage and culture, and ensure the music of South West Scotland continues into the next generation and beyond. Karen McCrindle Warren, John Mulhearn, Callum Moffat, Ross Cowan and Chris Gray are all set to perform.

From Scots Borderer to Ulster Scot and Fronteirs Beyond
Monday 13th August at TNPC Otago Street
Join us at Otago Street for the launch of Iain Bell’s fantastic new collection From Scots Borderer to Ulster Scot.  Performances come from outstanding young players Bobby Allen, Alastair Donaghy, John Dew, Stuart Currie and Kyle Currie.


Indigenous by Scott Wallace
Tuesday 14th August at The National Piping Centre, McPhater Street
Scott Wallace introduces Indigenous, his first collection of contemporary music, with a special launch event at this year’s Piping Live! Listeners will be treated to a selection of Scott’s tunes performed by Ali Henderson & Gareth McLees, and a quintet from Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band.


More Music for Everyone by Michael Grey
Wednesday 15th August at The National Piping Centre
Join Michael Grey and a controversy of pipers for a celebration launch of his 7th book: More Music for Everyone. The book features a huge cross selection of big-talent contributors – come along and hear the tunes, just as the tunesmiths imagined them!


A MacCrimmon Collection
Thursday 16th August at The National Piping Centre, McPhater Street
Iain and Calum MacCrimmon, in collaboration with The Big Music Society, are launching ‘A MacCrimmon Collection’ at Piping Live 2018. The book contains many of Iain and Calum’s new work but also delivers a wide range of tunes from various contemporary composers. The centrepiece of the collection is Iain’s Ceòl Mòr composition for his father ‘Salute to Malcolm R. MacCrimmon’.