CLASP World Solo Piping Championship: Grade 3 Results

Here are the CLASP Grade 3 results from The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition at Piping Live! today. The grade 2 will be on tomorrow, from 9.30am, and Grade 1 on Wednesday, in the St. Aloysius Convent Chapel. 62 Hill Street, Glasgow.












Grade 3 CLASP results

Overall Winner and pictured above – James Piccione (New York) with judge Cameron Drummond.

Piobaireachd Ground

1st Stephen Ross Pack
2nd Dorothy Moodie
3rd Joris Panis

Full Piobaireachd

1st James Piccione
2nd Stephen Ross Pack
3rd Dorothy Moodie

2/4 March
1st James Piccione
2nd Megan Kenney
3rd Bill Copland

Strathspey and Reel
1st James Piccione
2nd Bill Copland
3rd Megan Kenney

1st James Piccione
2nd Bill Copland
3rd Lachlan MacDonald