Since getting their start twenty years ago at a late night session during Celtic Colours, Beòlach has established itself as one of Cape Breton’s most exciting and innovative traditional bands. Performing a lively mix of Cape Breton, Scottish and Irish tunes, the group features Mairi Rankin (fiddle, step-dance), Wendy MacIsaac (fiddle, piano, step-dance), Matt MacIsaac (pipes, whistles, guitar), and Mac Morin (piano, accordion, step-dance). On stage and on their recordings, Beòlach presents original compositions as well as unique, dynamic arrangements of classic traditional tunes. The band has thrilled audiences at festivals around the world with their energetic performances, witty presentation, and their versatility as dancers and instructors. Each of the players in Beòlach is an experienced performer in their own right, having played for dances and concerts around Cape Breton Island and beyond long before they got together as a group. They have released half a dozen solo albums among them and have made individual guest appearances on countless other albums. Beòlach’s two group recordings, Beòlach (2001) and Variations (2004), were both nominated for East Coast Music Awards and in 2005 the band was nominated for the Canadian Folk Music Award for Best Instrumental Artist.
Individually they have taken home awards such as East Coast Music Awards, a Nova Scotia Music Award, a Canadian Folk Music Award, a silver medal in Oban (a world piping competition) and as members of other bands, awards like Best Group in Live Ireland Awards and Tradition in Review Awards and also made it in the top 10 albums by Folkways in 2012.