Borja Baragaño

Borja Baragaño is an Asturian bagpipe, flute and Uilleann pipe player. Borja started learning the Asturian Gaita at the age of 9, and was very active in the Asturian Bagpipe competition scene in his early years, as well as playing in a couple of pipe bands. At the age of 17, Borja started learning the flute and Uilleann pipes, before joining his first Asturian band, LLangres, a few years later. He continues to play flute and pipes in several Asturian bands, including DRD, Felpeyu, N’arba, and the Asturian supergroup Llan de Cubel. He released his first solo album ‘Where I could go’ in 2015, featuring appearances from many well-known Asturian musicians.