Con Houlihan

Con Houlihan comes from Cullen, County Cork which is located in the famous Sliabh Luchra region , renowned for its unique style of Irish traditional music & Dance.
Sliabh Luchra which straddles the North Cork-Kerry -Limerick border is noted for its unique style of Polkas & Slides.
Cullen has a pipe Band since 1941 & Con was elected Pipe Major in 1976. a position he still holds.
The band was initially a parade band but started competing in 1982,and grafted its way up the grades to Grade 2 where the band were prize winners at All Ireland & Scottish championships .
The Band currently competes in Grade 4 A.

He also plays Button & Piano Accordion and was church organist in Cullen Church for many years.

He graduated with a Diploma in Music from University Cork in 2014.
He competes in Grade 1 CLASP