Donald WG Lindsay

“Standard Habbie” curator and host Donald WG Lindsay is a Scottish musician and singer, and musical instrument designer/inventor.

His first instrument is now one of his own design, the Lindsay System Scottish Smallpipes, an instrument which offers a range more than double that of the traditional Scottish Smallpipes while still maintaining the traditional fingering techniques and preserving (and extending) the characteristic voice of the Scottish Smallpipes. Donald also plays the whistle & low whistle, both now of his own “Qwistle” design.

​As a singer of Scots songs, Donald has been singing since his teens, winning the LBPS Jimmy Wilson Memorial Trophy for Pipe & Song on a number of occasions. He was recently invited by close friend Alasdair Roberts to contribute a ballad to “I Carry the Dead in my Hand” (monorail 2017), a version of “Lord Randal” learned from the singing of the late John Eaglesham of The Clutha.

​Having spent the period 2010-2016 developing his instruments, Donald returned to live performance during 2016, appearing on STVs The Riverside Show with Alasdair Roberts, and taking part in Shane Connolly’s show “From Taiko to Txalaparta” as part of Celtic Connections 2017.

​A band is currently forming around the Lindsay System pipes, bringing together award winning Scottish saxophonist and composer Konrad Wiszniewski, with noted Glasgow drummer Doug Hough, and brilliant young fiddler Roo Geddes. A limited number of live performances (primarily within Scotland), and an album length recording, with videos, are expected to follow during 2018.

Donald is Scottish Smallpipes tutor at The National Piping Centre in Otago Street, Glasgow (formerly The College of Piping), along with Alana MacInnes. He is currently convener of the Lowland & Border Pipers Society, and founder & memberof The Glasgow Smallpipers.