Enora and Maelann

Maelann Hervé, bombarde player from Locoal-Mendon, Brittany, and Enora Morice, piper from Pommerit-le-Vicomte, Brittany, play together since 2013.

Both of them learned their instrument in there home town Bagad. They started to play together when they were studying music in Brest, Brittany. Since that time, they play in festoù-noz (Breton ceilidh), weddings and duet competitions. They won the national duet competition in Brittany for under 20, in 2014.

Their first participation to Piping Live! is also their first time travelling outside of Brittany as a duet. For this event, they will share with you Breton music, composed principally of repertoire from the South of Brittany, and of course, repertoire from other areas in Brittany.