Ruben Alba Duo

The R.Alba Duo is made up of Asturian Gaita Maestro Ruben Alba Garcia and renowed Guitarist and Bouzouki player Ruben Bada Da Silva.

Ruben Alba Garcia
Ruben Alba Garcia was born in Asturias, northern Spain, in 1984. He began playing the bagpipes in the ‘Tabladar Bagpipe Band, directed by Jose Manuel Tejedor, when he was only 11 years.

At age 14 he was first introduced to Amateur competition in their city, “La Folquina” being in the first place. From that year, he became involved with other groups Asturian traveling to places like USA, France, Italy, Portugal, plus travel throughout Spain to work as a member of the Band of bagpipes Tabladar with leading Spanish groups Rock as Revolver and Victor Manuel.

In 2000, at the age of 16, he was first introduced to the most prestigious competition of Asturias “Remis Ovalle” being in 3rd position where the first 4 ranked compete to participate in the ‘Macallan’ Trophy. There he obtained the 4th position.

In the following year, 2001, he competed in the contest ‘Young pipers Langreo’, achieving the top spot. He also participated again in the Remis Ovalle, being in this case in 2nd place and traveling to France for 2nd in the Macallan.

With 18 years (2002) he travelled to France as a champion of Asturias, and was the proud winner of the “Macallan”, at a popular festival in northern France in which Asturian bagpipes, Galician and Breton compete to win the most prestigious international trophy.

That was one of the most important moments for him as a solo bagpiper since it is the existing most prestigious prize in the Asturian bagpipes.

The following year, he participated in the ‘Lorient Celtic Festival’ (2003, year of Asturias) as a component of the Band of bagpipes Tabladar, acting on the big stage of the Festival ‘Space Marine’ presenting the album “Made in Asturias” where Asturian participating artists like Chus Pedro (Nuberu), Tejedor, Ramón Prada, or Victor Manuel among others.

In 2004 he won the ‘Competition Gaita Laviana Absolute’. That same year he was hired as director and master of the bagpipe band of Villa de Aviles, whose role is to try to spread traditional Asturian music and form new pipers.

After two years without competing, he decides to run again, ranking first in the Remis Ovalle contest, and being in this case, in 2nd place in the Macallan Trophy. The following year, 2006 repeated as winner Remis Ovalle and a second time gets clinching the top spot in the famous Macallan. After this new achievement, it enshrined as the second Asturian piper in getting 2 Trophies Macallan and therefore be included in the list of the best pipers in Spain.

In 2007 he won his third Remis Ovalle, but in this case you get a 2nd place in France. Within the festival of Lorient, she offered a Master Class at the “Palais du Congres” on the ornamentation repertoire and tradition of Asturian bagpipes.

In 2008 and 2009 he did not show the Macallan Trophy, but instead, won contests in Asturias as the ‘Chema Castanon’ in Mieres (Folixa in the spring), and participating in the Festival Interceltique de Aviles.

In 2010 he was resubmitted to the Competition Remis Ovalle, winning for the fourth time, thus being one of the few pipers have 4 trophies Remis Ovalle in his resume. That same year he competed in the contest Villa de Gijon solo pipers getting first place.

Finally, in 2011 he participated in the ‘Beltaine’ folk festival held in his hometown, Aviles, collaborating with Carlos Nuñez as director of the Band of bagpipes Villa de Aviles. His last trophy won in the ‘Competition solo pipers New’ in the Felguera. With this latest achievement it meets all existing trophies for Asturian bagpipe solo, closing his career contests until today.

In addition to the competitions, his long career as a piper leads him to be selected to perform as a soloist piper at the prestigious festival “Piping Live Festival” held in Glasgow in the edition of the year “2012”.

In 2013 he started playing with a folk group, participating as bagpipe duo-bouzouki in the “Foliada of Melide”. Later that same year, he adds a member to the group, thus forming “Ruben Alba Trio”.

In 2014, he was invited by “Luis Nunez” to go to the “Celtic Connections”, one of the most important festivals in the world of folk. Also he was part of a video disk group Camin “Cerezal” along with friends like Tejedor, Vrienden, etc.

2015 kicked off with an invitation from “Juan Carlos Mendoza” (bassist Hevia, Cristina del Valle, Ana Bethlehem and Dangerous Liaisons) to play a song on his latest album “Dance to live”, where in addition to the bagpipes, he performed on the low whistle on “Celtic Roads”. That same summer of 2015, he collaborated with Marcos Garcia in the show “Errai” a musical project with 12 of the best Asturian instrumentalists.

In September of that same year, he was invited to join the 45th anniversary of one of the most prestigious groups of international folk scene, such as “Gwendal” group, which recorded on that concert within the festival “Getxo folk” a commemorative dvd date.

Today, prepares 2016 with several collaborations already closed, a new album in which collaborates with “Luis Nunez and folkgazanes” and the concert “Gwendal” in the “Folixa na Spring” mieres, when the legendary group recorded a dvd where I had the pleasure of joining the recording.

Ruben Bada Da Silva
Rubén Bada is one of the Asturian folk musics more well know performers internationally.
A violinist, guitarist and best known for playing the bouzouki, he has been part of groups such
as Xéliba, Corquieu, Dixebra . He has collaborated with the band Gaites Llacín, Anabel Santiago,
Tejedor, Alfredo Gonzalez, Banda Bagpipes The Trasno or Mari Luz Cristobal Caunedo, for whom he has produced and arranged their latest album “Cancios and Asturianaes”.

Today he is part of the DRD group and he also collaborates with Irish group At First Light, John
McSherry, Galician piper Anxo Lorenzo or Irish Barry Kerr. He has also worked on the first solo album by Sylvain Barou.

Rubén Bada has led Asturian music to places as diverse as the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Cuba. Ruben has won many awards including first prize in the instrumental couples Museum pueblu d’Asturies and has won the Amas Asturian music critics award as the best instrumentalist