Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums

The Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums band was established in 1998 to serve as a ceremonial band for Toronto Fire Services and for the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The all-volunteer band includes members from all branches of the fire service: fire prevention officers, dispatchers and firefighters, along with its valued civilian members, and all of us proudly wear the Toronto Fire Services Tartan.

The band is led by Pipe Major Donna Bakewell, Pipe Sergeant Jost Kaempffer and Drum Sergeant Greg Chisholm.

The band is an active one fulfilling its role as a service band for both Toronto Fire Services and the City of Toronto. Participating in upwards of 80 engagements a year, the band performs at firefighter funerals, state funerals, memorials, parades, tattoos, and a variety of other events across the Province of Ontario and internationally.

Although principally a ceremonial unit, the band does compete and 2018 marks the band’s second participation in the World Pipe Band Championships, having competed in 2014 in Grade 4B.
The band is very pleased and proud to be a part of Piping Live for the first time and to be able to share our music with the people of the lovely City of Glasgow.