Jock’s Jocks

Jock’s Jocks is an emotionally-charged one act musical play which pays tribute to the men of Perthshire and North East Scotland who fought in the Great War. Based closely on interviews carried out over a long period by folksinger Jock Duncan, father of Pipe Major Ian Duncan and the late Gordon Duncan, the cast of Gary West, Scott Gardiner, Chris Wright and Charlie West bring you songs, tunes, laughter and tears in equal measure.

Jock’s interviews include memories of some of the top pipers of the era including GS MacLennan, Willie Lawrie and John MacColl.

Mark Gorman, Think Hard
‘‘effortlessly slips from seemingly ad lib pure storytelling and reminiscence into full blown theatre’

‘In one particularly moving section of the play, which effortlessly slips from seemingly ad-libbed, pure storytelling and reminiscence into full blown theatre, the four men, in turn, reel off the names of men engaged in Gallipoli (a battle that has, over time, been appropriated almost exclusively to the Australian army).
The cast interact with ease, chuckling, heckling, singing, playing their tunes and reading, often in deep Doric dialect the tales that underpin 20th Century Scots culture so sadly and so profoundly.’
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James Robertson, Scottish author
‘brilliant show: powerful, funny, moving’

Date & Time: Wednesday 9th August 2017 at 14:30

Venue: The National Piping Centre

Tickets: £5 on the door - Book Online Now!