Join us at the Trade Fair!

Join us at the Trade Fair!


We have an amazing line up of great crafters, piping makers and more at our Trade Fair from 11am - 5pm at Thursday 10th August at the Glagsgow Royal Concert Hall.

Here is look at the amazing line up of crafters and makers you can meet at our Trade Fair. 

Wallace Bagpipes
Wallace Bagpipes bring you the very best in traditional bagpipe manufacturing products combined with cutting edge performance made 100% in Scotland. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the modern demands of pipers using the finest African Blackwood.
Visit their Website

Iain MacNeill - Author 

Iain brings his newly release novel - THE TIDES OF LIFE: A Whale of a Tale - to the Trade Fair. This Hebridean based novel will have you wishing you were whisked away to the islands!

Visit his website

G1 Reeds

G1 reeds we take great pride and pleasure producing the best sound we can and are continually striving to find the next level of perfection. With a dedicated team of workers at G1 Reeds we are expertly crafting precision chanter reeds to the highest level of sound using the finest cane sourced from around the globe, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques.
Visit the G1 Reeds Website 

Corrie's Capers
Corrie's Capers is a children's picture book series celerating Scotland with a lovely message which gently encourages young readers to experience life to the full and to try their best, whatever the challenge! Find out more about the series and author Alison Page at the website
Visit the website

Musicians Union
Musicians' Union (MU) is the largest community of musicians in the UK. Being an MU member gets you covered by insurance, can free you from the worry of unpaid fees and be better represented in your workplace.
Visit the MU website

Debbie Bagcovers
Producing a top range of bespoke Bagpipe Bag Covers, Debbie Bags will bring a great range to the Trade Fair.

Maverick Chanters
Hand crafted in Glasgow from the finest of woods found within the arctic circle, we pride ourselves in producing the best quality practice chanters on the market. The beautiful, colourful, practice chanters stand out from the crowd. Maverick is not just a company! It’s a crusade that we are all in together!
Visit the Maverick Chanters website 

Donald MacPherson - The Legend Lives On
The complete compositions of the man known the world over as the “greatest piper of the 20 century”. Donald MacPherson was something of a phenomenon in piping. His competitive record is well documented – and is something that will probably remain unsurpassed – but he was also a great teacher and ambassador for the instrument. This great book brings his life and story to the tunes.

Marie Fielding - Fiddler/Educator/Composer/Artist
As an open minded and extremely versatile fiddler, Marie crosses many genres including folk, Indian and jazz influences and over the years has collaborated with an array of musicians. She brings her collections of music, especially the Dunedin Bagpipe Collection to the Trade Fair to share with everyone.
Visit her website

Sooty's Sweet Scribbles 

Sooty is a trad music super fan, who makes unique handmade art, such as bespoke drawings, cards, clay jewellery, key rings and hair clasps. Stop by for a blether and check out her unique and adorable crafts. 
Visit the website 

Flam 5
Flam 5 have a range of light weight and colourful drum cases for snare and tenor drums. You can also grab some great merch and stand out from the crowd! 

Visit the Website

William MacDonald of Inverness Tune Book

This fantastic new collection of music is based on two previously published handwritten bagpipe books by William MacDonald of Inverness. They have now been put into digital format with photos and notes on each of the 67 tunes, together with 20 tunes that were compose by his son Brian MacDonald, during the COVID lockdown. The book has an introduction to William MacDonald of Inverness and a total of 87 tunes altogether. William won both Oban and Inverness Gold medals in the same year - 1955 and the Clasp in 1956. He was the last piobaireachd pupil of John MacDonald. So check out this fantastic collection of tunes.


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